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How to Wine Taste, A Step by Step Guide


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How to Wine Taste
How to Wine Taste, A Step by Step Guide

Glasses set up for wine tasting.

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If you've never been wine tasting, it can be an intimidating experience. The world of wine is wrapped up in snobbery and inexperienced wine enthusiasts may be nervous about looking unsophisticated or foolish.

Fear not! There's no mystery to wine tasting. It's four simple steps. And even though you should never be embarrassed to ask your sommelier the most basic of questions when wine tasting, knowing the fundamental language, etiquette and procedure before you go will put you at ease when rubbing shoulders with expert tasters.

The following step by step guide breaks wine tasting down into four steps: look, swirl, smell, taste and an optional stage of spitting out.

Consider bringing a notebook along if you plan on visiting several wineries and want to keep track of the wines you taste.

Wine Tasting, Step 1

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