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How To Get a Good Hotel Room - Advice on How To Get a Good Hotel Room

How To Get a Good Hotel Room - Advice on How To Get a Good Hotel Room


Knowing how to get a good hotel room is really about asking lots of the right questions. The more questions you ask when booking your hotel room, the more you are likely to be happy with the room your got for the price you paid.

If you are friendly and persistent with the hotel representative you speak with, you should be able to get all the information you need to get the most bang for your buck.

1. Are some of your rooms preferable to others?

Most hotels have a hierarchy of guestrooms, from standard to deluxe and so on. However, among the same level of room, some may be preferable to others for any number of reasons. Some may be more recently renovated, bigger or specially decorated. B&Bs especially have rooms that vary widely. Ask the right question and you may get a better room for no additional cost.

2. What room is the most popular and why?

The answer to this question will give you some insider information, and again, the most popular room may not be more expensive, just available to those who know to ask for it.

3. Do any of your rooms have a preferable view?

You may be given the parking lot or other less favorable view unless you specify a preference otherwise. Sometimes a room with a view costs more, but if not, you may as well get the best view for your money.

4. Is there any advantage to staying at your hotel rather than other ones in the area?

Sometimes the most basic questions get the most revealing answers. Answers to this question may be about price or possibly a free shuttle somewhere, a beautiful park next door, an award-winning on-site restaurant. . . or you may stump the hotel rep, revealing in itself!

5. May I have a room near / away from the elevator / ice machine?

Rooms beside the elevator or ice machine may be noisy. On the other hand, people may want to be close to these amenities.

6. May I have a room on a higher / lower floor?

Rooms on higher floors will tend to have better views of the city and less noise from traffic.

7. Aside from the room charge, are there any additional costs?

Internet, local calls, and parking are just some of the additional costs hotels charge. To get an accurate idea of what your final bill will be, ask the hotel about extra charges.

8. Do you offer a complimentary continental breakfast?

To me, this is a big money and time saver. I like fueling up at the hotel at no cost instead of trying to find a decent, inexpensive breakfast in a town or city that may be unfamiliar.

9. Do you offer any special rates / packages?

Ask about the best rate available more than once in different ways. Types of rates that you can ask about include: best available, internet rate, CAA, military, government, corporate, and business. Hotel packages may include park and fly, romance, shopping as well as packages with museums and galleries where hotel cost includes admission.

10. Are any large parties (wedding parties, etc) staying at the hotel at the same time?

Once I stayed at a lovely resort but got lumped into the same accommodation area as a rowdy wedding party that went all night. If you're looking for some peace and quiet and the hotel / resort is particularly known for hosting groups, this may be a question worth asking.
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