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Vancouver Weather

Vancouver Weather - What to Expect and How to Pack


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Vancouver weather is infamously wet, yet mild year-round. As writer Allan Fotheringham put it, "Vancouver is the Canadian city with the best climate and the worst weather." From high 70's Fahrenheit (low 20's Celsius) in summer to mid 40's Fahrenheit (0° to 5° Celsius) in winter, the climate is seldom unpleasant. Winters are wet, but snow is rare, except on local ski hills.

Winter in Vancouver

Vancouver skyline with mountains
Photography by Harry Traeger/Moment/Getty Images
Winter in Vancouver sees little snow but is wet, with large amounts of precipitation in the form of rain and slush. One thing for visitors to be aware of is the phenomenon of flash freezing which occurs when precipitation arrives and temperatures drop below freezing, which can make for challenging driving conditions. Nearby Whistler, however, gets loads of snow and is a major ski destination through May.

Spring in Vancouver

Spring in Vancouver comes early, with February seeing the arrival of tulips and temperatures on average staying above O°C (32°F). Wet weather is the norm, so pack water-resistant gear and an umbrella.

Summer in Vancouver

Summer in Vancouver, like the other seasons, has relatively moderate weather, with less humidity than eastern cities like Toronto and Montreal. Daytime temperatures run around to the high 70's Fahrenheit (low 20's Celsius) but bring a sweater for cooler evenings.

Autumn in Vancouver

Autumn in Vancouver sees the city's rain slow down. Temperatures remain moderate compared to the rest of the country, staying in the 40's°F (4-10 °C). September to November is a great time to visit as weather is pleasant and airfares and hotel rates drop.

Average Temperatures in Vancouver

Average low / high temperatures in Vancouver throughout the year:

January: 32 / 43°Fahrenheit (0 / 6°Celsius)
February: 34 / 46°F (1 / 8°C)
March: 41 / 55°F (5 / 13°C)
April: 41 / 55°F (5 / 13°C)
May: 46 / 61°F (8 / 16°C)
June: 52 / 66°F (11 / 19°C)
July: 55 / 72°F (13 / 22°C)
August: 55 / 72°F (13 / 22°C)
September: 50 / 64°F (10 / 18°C)
October: 43 / 57°F (6 / 14°)
November: 37 / 48°F (3 / 9°C)
December: 34 / 43°F (1 / 6°C)
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