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Bed Bugs in Toronto

Are There Bed Bugs in Toronto?


Bed Bugs in Toronto

An adult bed bug is oval and flat and about a quarter of an inch long. Bed bugs lack wings and instead crawl in search of blood. Bed bugs are rarely seen but their excrement or crushed shells betray their presence, often in beds or furniture.

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Bed bugs in Toronto are an increasing problem in the same way that they are in U.S. cities. In fact, Toronto has the unenviable title of bed bug capital of Canada, with 2,270 reports of bed bugs (as of January 12, 2011, according to the Bed Bug Registry). Bed bug reports in recent years have spiked notably since the 46 complaints registered to Toronto Public Health in 2003.

To combat the problem, on January 10, 2011, the Ontario government announced that it would commit $5 million to help the province’s 36 public health units fight bedbug infestations. Toronto will no doubt receive a significant portion of this money to make a dent in the bed bug problem.

Reports of bed bugs - in Toronto and elsewhere - include those found in private residences, public spaces, apartment buildings, hotels etc. So though the number of bed bug sightings in Toronto may seem high, it does not necessarily mean the number of bed bug infestations in Toronto hotels is high. Nevertheless, these critters do travel and if you are staying in a city like Toronto with a proven presence of bed bugs, educate yourself on how to identify bed bugs and avoid bringing them home with you.

Once you've researched bed bugs, you may want to check out any alerts or reports of bed bugs at particular Toronto hotels. The Bed Bug Registry is a free public database that enables people to report and research bed bug sightings. (Be advised that these reports may be made anonymously and the registry's accuracy is not guaranteed.) Other websites that travellers are consulting to research bed bug infestations are Trip Advisor and Bedbugger.com.

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