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Toronto Island Airport (officially, Billy Bishop Airport)

Toronto Island Airport is a flight option to Toronto and surrounding area.


The Toronto Island Airport, officially named the (Billy Bishop Airport, formerly the Toronto City Centre Airport, airport code YTZ), is just off the shore of downtown Toronto. The airport is served by Porter Airlines, Air Canada and charter helicopter and aircraft.

Why Would I Fly in to or out of the Toronto Island/Billy Bishop Airport

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Porter Airlines and Air Canada are the two airlines serving the airport.

Currently, Porter services Boston, New York City, Chicago, Myrtle Beach, Thunder Bay, Sault-Ste. Marie, Toronto, Windsor, Montreal, Mont-Tremblant, Quebec City, Ottawa, Moncton, Halifax and St. John's. However if you are flying between any of these destinations, Porter is an excellent option for convenience and excellence of service. Read why Porter Airlines is so great.

Air Canada also flies out of the Toronto Island Airport, but only to Montreal.

Helicopter tours of Toronto are also available out of the island airport as are scenic flights over northern Ontario and float planes.

Where is the Toronto Island/Billy Bishop Airport?

Image courtesy Porter Airlines
Getting to the Toronto Island Airport involves first taking the Airport Ferry located at the foot of Bathurst Street. The ferry ride takes only a few minutes - at 121 metres, it is in fact one of the shortest ferry trips in the world - and leaves about every 15 minutes.

How Do I Get to the Toronto Island Airport Ferry?

Shuttle Service: Porter Airlines offers a free shuttle service every 10 or 15 minutes from the west entrance of the Royal York Hotel across from Union Station. The shuttle takes about 10 minutes to get to the Airport Ferry. You can even check into your flight at the Porter kiosk in Union Station - just follow the signs for "Skywalk."
By Car: Parking at the airport is limited, so bringing your car is not advised. Nevertheless, parking is available at the south end of Stadium Road, two streets west of Bathurst St. and the ferry terminal. People with cars may also consider driving to a GO Station with free parking and take the GO train to Union Station for the free shuttle.
Public Transit: TTC streetcars stop near the airport.

Toronto Island Airport Contact Info

Phone: 416-203-6942

Website: Toronto Island Airport
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