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Ideas for Visiting Canada in Spring

Get vacation ideas for visiting Canada in spring.


Canada in spring offers a good opportunity for travellers. The weather is warming up and travel discounts are plentiful before summer's high travel season arrives.

What is the weather like in Canada in spring?

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Spring comes early on Canada's west coast, with February seeing the arrival of tulips and temperatures on average staying above O°C (32°F). Elsewhere in the country, spring shows up to stay in April and extends through to June. April usually sees the last of the winter's snow, except in higher altitudes like Banff or Whistler, both popular ski destinations where the season doesn't end until May.

Things To Do in Canada in Spring

-View Cherry Blossom in British Columbia

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Spring arrives in British Columbia before it does in other Canada provinces and one sure sign of the season is the cherry blossom. Beginning in March, people gather beneath the downy blossoms of ornamental cherry trees, much as they do at the Sakura festivals in Japan.

-Visit the Ottawa Tulip Festival

Photo © Ottawa Tulip Festival
Nothing says spring like tulips - how about three million of them? The Canadian Tulip Festival is the world's largest tulip festival and brings Canada's national capital of Ottawa alive with not only blooming tulips, but music, parades, fireworks, and people from around the world.

-Attend a Maple Syrup Festival in Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick

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Maple syrup is one of Canada's most popular commodities and accounts for 85% of the world's total supply (Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada).

Quebec is the biggest producer of maple syrup, with Ontario, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia also home to maple syrup farms. In March and April, towns in these provinces celebrate this yummy, sticky condiment with festivals, and producers open up to the public allowing visitors to observe and participate in the making of maple syrup.

-Go Spring Skiing

Britt Erlanson / Getty Images
Ski season is still going full tilt through April in Canada and in some western resorts with higher altitudes through May and even June. Spring skiing, especially after all the school breaks have finished, offers a chance for great discounts on lift tickets, accommodation and travel.

-Tour one of Canada's Wine Regions

Canada has a growing number of wine regions, with the Okanagan in BC and the Niagara Wine Region between Niagara Falls and Toronto the two most productive and famous. BC and Ontario both have several regions each; thus visitors to these Canadian provinces can make more extended scenic driving tours, visiting a host of wineries along the way. In addition, Quebec and Nova Scotia are wine-producing provinces with wineries where visitors can taste and purchase Canadian wine.

Canada in Spring - Month by Month

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