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What to Do in Canada

Canada is probably best known as a country of exceptional natural beauty. However, there are hundreds of other reasons to visit Canada. From historic sites to the world’s tallest freestanding structure, you’ll never be at a loss for something fabulous to do.
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10 of the Craziest Things Canadians Do in Winter
The winter doesn't hold back Canadians at all. In fact, Canadians do some of the craziest things in the cold of winter.

Gambling in Canada
An overview of gambling in Canada. Learn about relevant gambling laws and how they differ across the country.

10 Classic Canadian Hiking Trails
Canada's diverse expansive landscape offers plenty of opportunity for great hiking, from day hikes to longer overnight sojourns.

Bucket List Vacations in Canada
Canada has many "bucket list" vacations: those once in a lifetime vacations that we dream and plan for.

Art Lovers Guide to Toronto
Toronto has a rich and diverse art scene well worth exploring.

Canada Spring Travel Deals 2010
Spring Travel Deals - Canada Spring Travel Deals 2010

Canada Train Trips
The Canada train trips on this list offer stunning scenery and are considered more than just transportation from point A to B. Although train travel tends to be more expensive than bus or even air travel, train travel is relaxing and scenic. The romance of the train is alive and well on Canada's major rail systems.

Scenic Drives in Canada - Best Scenic Drives in Canada
With its vast natural landscape, Canada offers some offers a wide-range of scenic drives. Beginning in the west of Canada and working east, here are 10 of Canada's best scenic drives.

Canada Fall Festivals - The Best Canada Fall Festivals
Fall festivals are popular across Canada starting in September through November. Fall fairs, pumpkin, apple and other types of food festivals as well as other special festivals, such as the Toronto International Film Festival all take place in September and October.

Canada in Fall - Ideas for Visiting Canada in Fall
Canada in fall means summer's higher visitor prices have dropped and the fall foliage comes into full splendour.

Canada in Spring - Ideas for Visiting Canada in Spring
Canada in spring offers a good opportunity for travellers. The weather is warming up and travel discounts are plentiful before summer's high travel season arrives.

Canada Vacation Ideas - See 10 Canada Vacation Ideas
Here are 10 suggestions for a classic Canada vacation.

Top 10 Cities to Visit in Canada - Most Popular Cities to Visit
The most popular cities in Canada cover a range of destination types reflecting the diversity of the country.

Canada Fall Foliage Pictures - Pictures of Canada's Fall Foliage
Canada - especially eastern Canada -

Seven Natural Wonders of Canada - Canada's 7 Natural Wonders
List of Canada's seven most outstanding natural wonders.

Top Tourist Attractions in Montreal
Top Montreal Tourist Attractions

Ghost & Graveyard Walks in Canada
Explore Canada's mysteries, ghost stories, and infamous crimes. Many cities and towns across Canada offer ghost walks, graveyard tours and other haunted outings not only at Halloween but throughout the year. Here are 10 of the most popular:

Luxury Fishing Resorts in Canada - Luxury Fishing Lodges & Resorts
Find luxury fishing resorts and lodges across Canada.

Experience French Canada
The province of Quebec has a distinct French culture and heritage that makes it a top destination for visitors to Canada.

Banff Tours

7 Views To Dine For....Oh Canada!
See these 7 restaurants in Canada that give diners a feast for the eyes with amazing views.

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