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Boxing Day Shopping in Canada

Find out where to find Boxing Day bargains in Canada.


Boxing Day shopping in Canada, like the shopping on Black Friday after Thanksgiving in the U.S., is madness. The day after Christmas, Canadians shake off their tryptophan and egg nog induced sluggishness, grease up their elbows and hit the stores for Boxing Day bargains. Although an official holiday, stores open up to hawk their wares. Many stores offer "Boxing Week" deals, but people are lined up bright and early (as in 5 am and earlier) on the 26th just to be sure.

Where to Shop on Boxing Day

Pretty much every store in the country jumps on the Boxing Day bandwagon and advertises huge savings. Malls and big box stores will be open. Some smaller, privately owned stores, may stay closed over the holidays.

Some of the stores offering Boxing Day bargains will be familiar to visitors to Canada: Wal-Mart Canada and Home Depot Canada offer up all sorts of stuff and will be busting at the seams Boxing Day.

Michaels arts and crafts store puts out Christmas decorations at big savings.

Stores in Canada

  • Winners Winners, like TJ Maxx and Filene's Basement in the U.S., sells designer labels at up to 60% off regular prices.
  • The Bay, Zellers and Home Outfitters comprise a Canadian family of department stores across the country.
  • Pier 1 Imports is in Canada and Mexico, but not the U.S., and has home decor and furnishings.
  • Shoppers Drug Mart is a large drugstore chain that will have Christmas ware, chocolates, gift boxes and more on sale.
  • Future Shop and Best Buy both offer electronics and appliances and have sales that have shoppers lining up for hours.
  • Canadian Tire is a home renovation, tools and hardware store, as is Home Hardware.

Find a Deal

Smart Canucks is a Canadian deals blog, where you can get updated on shopping deals across the country and download flyers and coupons. Red Flag Deals, "Canada's Bargain Hunting Community" is a similar resource for shoppers.

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