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Mont Tremblant for Visitors


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Mont Tremblant Village
Mont Tremblant for Visitors

The Village of Tremblant at the foot of Tremblant Mountain has a European style and feel.

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In 1991, Mont Tremblant was purchased by Intrawest, a Canadian alpine resort promoter, and the mountain received a massive makeover. In addition to updating the ski facilities, a smattering of buildings at the base of the mountain were transformed into a pedestrian alpine village, comprising an attractive community of hotels, shops, restaurants and condos.

The real benefit of staying in the Village is the easy access to the ski hill, apres ski activities, shops and restaurants. Especially if travelling with kids, the beginner hill may be literally right outside your door - a real perk on bitterly cold days and for bathroom breaks.

The Mont Tremblant Village as a whole has an immediate, albeit, superficial charm. Colourful buildings in a hybrid style of traditional Quebecois and European alpine have a pre-fab Ikea line of resort architecture quality. Furthering this fabricated feel, many of the buildings house expensive, brand-name ski wear stores, like you would find in any high-end mall. I would have welcomed a local artisan shop or place to buy Quebec goods, something to give regional context; even most restaurants didn't serve a variety of Quebec beer. The Mont Tremblant Village could be dropped down anywhere, which, of course, is Intrawest's intent - to create a consistent brand that gives its international customers familiarity wherever they go.

On the other hand, a mere 10 minutes away, the old Mont Tremblant village should satisfy any urge to connect in a more local way, with more traditional shops and restaurants.

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