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Mont Tremblant for Visitors


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Mont Tremblant Overview
Mont Tremblant for Visitors

This photo shows the Mont Tremblant Village and mountain in winter.

Photo of Mont Tremblant © S. McLean

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Mont Tremblant is a small city in the Laurentian Mountains of Quebec, about a 90 min drive north of Montreal. Mont Tremblant is most famous as a ski destination, boasting two excellent ski mountains: Mont Tremblant - the highest peak in the Laurentians - and Mont Blanc.

Mont Tremblant is the more famous destination and tops many lists as the best ski resort in Eastern North America. Its popularity is in large part due to the mountain's purchase by Intrawest and subsequent transformation into a year-round European-style village with skiing in the winter and golf, hiking, mountain biking and a host of other activities in the summer. In addition, the Mont Tremblant International Airport makes getting to the Mont Trembant resort particularly easy.

Whistler Blackcomb in BC and Collingwood's Blue Mountain are two other Canadian Intrawest developed properties. The three resorts have a similar - some would say "cookie-cutter" - feel that has its advantages and disadvantages.

"Mont Tremblant" tends to refer to the mountain and resort Village. However, the "old" Mont Tremblant village is 10 minutes away, downtown Mont Tremblant is about 20 minutes and all are part of a greater Mont Tremblant region. There is also the immense Mont Tremblant National Park.

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