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Toronto in September - Weather and Event Guide


Skyline view and Ferry from across Lake Ontario from Toronto Islands of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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Cooler Temperatures & Fewer Crowds - Visit Toronto in September

With temperatures dipping back to much more civilized numbers in the 60s and little humidity, Toronto is a great city to visit in September.

Toronto festival season is not over with one of its biggest - certainly its most prestigious - happening in September. The Toronto International Film Festival takes place annually during the second week of September.

September Weather in Toronto:

  • Average September temperature: 15.6ºC / 60ºF
  • September average high: 20.6ºC / 69ºF
  • September average low: 9ºC / 48ºF
  • Visitors can expect rain about 5 out of 30 days in September.
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What to Pack for Toronto in September:

Visitors to Toronto in September should be prepared for a variety of temperatures. Pack clothing that can be layered. Pack your t-shirts, but just be sure to have a sweater or jacket on hand.
  • Shorts; t-shirts; long sleeve shirts; sweaters / sweatshirts; jacket; long pants; closed-toe shoes, boots.
  • Umbrella
  • Sunhat, sunglasses, sunscreen

Toronto in September Perks:

  • Beautiful weather - no longer hot and humid and not yet cold. Many outdoor activities can still be enjoyed comfortably with just a little extra clothing.
  • Fewer tourists mean travel and hotel deals. See Labour Day travel deals.

Good to Know about Toronto in September:

  • The first Monday of September is the Labour Day holiday. Banks and most stores will be closed. Expect crowds that weekend.

Toronto in September - Event and Festival Highlights:

Toronto in September - Highlights for Kids:

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