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Grail Springs Health & Wellness Spa Retreat in Bancroft, Ontario

Grail Springs Health & Wellness Spa Retreat


Grail Springs Health & Wellness Spa Retreat in Bancroft, Ontario

Grail Springs is in Bancroft, Ontario. The wellness centre's setting on a motor-free lake, surrounded by forest is beautiful and calming.

Photo © Grail Springs
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Grail Springs is first and foremost a place of rejuvenation and wellness before it is a place to indulge in food and drink as we are wont to do on holiday.

Located in Bancroft, Ontario, about two and a half hours from Toronto, Grail Springs specializes in creating wellness itineraries from two to 21 days.

Grail Springs Overview

Madeleine Marentette is the owner and founder of Grail Springs Health & Wellness Spa Retreat. A health crisis years ago led Marentette on a course of self-discovery and healing through natural, holistic means. She channeled her new-found knowledge and passion for living well into Grail Springs. The retreat's everyday operations, detox programs, menu and overall philosophy reflect the enlightenment Marentette found.

Grail Springs premier event is Grail Lady Faire, which is touted as "the Enlightened Woodstock for Women." This annual summer event encapsulates a large part of what Grail Springs is about - women, music, transformation, therapy and healthy living.

For some, Grail Springs is just the ticket for a relaxing getaway. For others, the approach may be heavy on the spiritual and light on the luxury and pampering.

What's Good about Staying at Grail Springs

  • Beautiful setting on motor-free lake, surrounded by forest and trails.
  • Delicious vegan menu (and this coming from non-vegan)
  • Environment to facilitate healing and wellness through group meetings, workshops, music and spirituality. On the other hand, guests are free to skip these and do their own thing.
  • Variety of activities on-site including yoga, hikes, canoeing, horseback riding, snowshoeing and more.

What's Not So Good about Staying at Grail Springs?

The Grail Springs Great Room is the heart of the resort where people gather for music, conversation or some quiet time. Here, it is bathed in morning light.

Photo © Jane McLean
  • Noise between guest rooms can be excessive. We easily heard our neighbour's conversation as well as their alarm clock.
  • Spa treatments are uneven in their quality. Best advice is to choose your treatments according to the esthetician. Ask for one with experience.
  • Vegan food is delicious, but may leave some wanting for more.
  • Grail Springs is not licensed. I did not see anyone bringing their own wine to dinner or gathering room. I'm guessing alcohol is contrary to the overall intent at the retreat.
  • Despite its romantic location, owner Madeleine Marentette is the first to admit the retreat may not be best suited for couples seeking a romantic getaway.

Contact and Location Information for Grail Springs

2004 Bay Lake Road,
Bancroft, Ontario
Grail Springs website

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