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Montreal in January - Weather and Event Guide


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Embrace the Canadian Winter - Visit Montreal in January

January may be cold, but with lots of post-holiday sales and bargains and few crowds, it can be a good time to visit Montreal. Some people actually enjoy the cold and snow of course, and for them, Montreal and nearby Montreal offers plenty to do to make the most of the winter season.

January Weather in Montreal:

  • Average January temperature: -6ºC / 21ºF
  • January average high: -2ºC / 28ºF
  • January average low: -10ºC / 14ºF

What to Pack for Montreal in January:

Montreal has cold, snowy winters. The sub-zero temperatures feel colder because of the wind chill factor. But, temperatures are not necessarily unpleasant if you're prepared (Dress to Stay Warm in Cold Weather).

Pack clothing that can be layered. The outdoors is cold, but stores, theaters and restaurants may be quite warm:
  • Long sleeve shirts; sweaters / sweatshirts
  • Heavy, winter jacket, lighter jacket or winter vest
  • Closed-toe, comfortable waterproof shoes and boots
  • Hat, mits or gloves, scarf
  • Umbrella

Montreal in January Perks:

  • Montreal is a great shopping city at any time, but January offers exceptional sales as they try to unload all their Christmas-time wares. Plus, underground shopping keeps you out of the cold.

Good to Know about Montreal in January:

  • January 1st is New Year's Day and a statutory holiday in Canada where pretty much everything is closed.

Montreal in January - Events & Highlights:

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