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Canada in November Weather and Event Guide



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Enjoy Canada in November

Travelers to Canada in November can take advantage of lots of low-travel-season deals, including great airfare and hotel packages (try Travel Zoo Canada).

The weather is cold but if you're prepared and have packed appropriately, you can still enjoy city walking and lots of outdoor activities.


November in Major Canadian Cities:

Know where in Canada you're going? Check out more detailed Canadian city weather and event guides:


Average November Temperature (Low / High):


  • Vancouver, BC: 37 / 48ºFahrenheit (3 / 9ºCelsius)
  • Edmonton, AB: 14 / 32ºF, (-10 / 0ºC)
  • Yellowknife, NWT: 0 / 14ºF, (-18 / -10ºC)
  • Inukjuak, NU: 16 / 27ºF, (-9 / -3ºC)
  • Winnipeg, MB: 18 / 32ºF, (-8 / 0ºC)
  • Ottawa, ON: 28 / 41ºF, (-2 / 5ºC)
  • Toronto, ON: 32 / 45ºF, (0 / 7ºC)
  • Montréal:, QC: 30 / 41ºF, (-1 / 5ºC)
  • Halifax, NS: 32 / 45ºF, (0 / 7ºC)
  • St. John's, NF: 32 / 43ºF, (0 / 6ºC)


November Perks:


  • Fewer crowds
  • Lots of travel bargains
  • November is the month when most major cities across Canada hold their Santa Claus parades. Great for family entertainment, but be sure to dress appropriately. Bring an extra layer and don't forget mits and hats for the kids. Check out Santa Claus Parades in Major Canadian Cities


Good to Know:



Holidays in Canada in November:


  • Canada does observe Remembrance Day on November 11; however, school, bank and government closures vary by province. In Ontario and Quebec, November 11 is not a general holiday, but in the West and in the Maritimes it is. Best bet is to call ahead to any banks or government offices if you're planning a visit.


November In Canada Highlights / Events - Vancouver, Toronto & Montreal:



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