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Canada in January - Canada in January Weather and Event Guide


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The weather is cold but if you're prepared and have packed appropriately, you can enjoy the many winter activities and festivals that take place during the Canadian winter. Cold days are also a good time to duck in and visit one of Canada's wonderful galleries or museums.

January in Major Canadian Cities:

Know where in Canada you're going? Check out more detailed Canadian city weather and event guides:

Average January Temperatures (Low / High):

  • Vancouver, BC: 32 / 43ºFahrenheit (0 / 6ºCelsius)
  • Edmonton, AB: -2 / 18ºF, (-19 / -8ºC)
  • Yellowknife, NWT: -24 / -9ºF, (-31 / -23ºC)
  • Inukjuak, NU: -17 / -4ºF, (-27 / -20ºC)
  • Winnipeg, MB: -9 / 10ºF, (-23 / -12ºC)
  • Ottawa, ON: 5 / 23ºF, (-15 / -5ºC)
  • Toronto, ON: 14 / 28ºF, (-10 / -2ºC)
  • Montréal:, QC: 7 / 23ºF, (-14 / -5ºC)
  • Halifax, NS: 16 / 30ºF, (-9 / -1ºC)
  • St. John's, NF: 19 / 32ºF, (-7 / 0ºC)

January Perks:

  • Ski season is well under way with lots of post-Christmas & New Year's specials. See The Best Places to Ski in Canada and Skiing in Montreal.
  • Good to Know:

  • Just about anywhere in Canada in January is going to be chilly, if not downright freezing. But do note that average temperatures in Canadian provinces vary widely. Find out How to Dress to Stay Warm
  • Find out about Canadian money, where to exchange currency, using ATMs, typical prices in Canada, and more.
  • Holidays in Canada in January:

  • January 1st is New Year's Day across Canada and a statutory holiday, so expect most things to be closed.
  • See a complete listing of public holidays across Canada
  • January In Canada Highlights / Events - Vancouver, Toronto & Montreal:

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