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Crossing the Canadian Border - What You Need to Know to Visit Canada

The best advice for visitors crossing the border into Canada is to be prepared. Here are the most frequently asked questions about crossing the Canadian border.

The Most Common Questions about Crossing the Canada Border
Answers to the most common questions about crossing the border into Canada.

Buffalo - Niagara Falls Border Crossings
Description of the four border crossings in the Buffalo - Niagara Falls area and how you can decide which one to use.

Tips for Driving Across the Border into Canada
Crossing the border into Canada should go smoothly if you're prepared. Find out the kind of questions you can expect from the border officials plus tips that will make your trip over the Canadian border a smooth one.

Do US Citizens Need a Passport to Enter Canada?
Overview of documentation US citizens need to enter Canada, including changes set to take place.

Duty Free Shopping at the Canadian Border
Duty free shopping entering and leaving Canada. What items can visitors buy at duty free stores on the US / Canada border and how much can they buy.

How Does the WHTI Affect Travel to Canada?
The Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative (WHTI) and how it affects travel to Canada. Passport requirements for Americans traveling to Canada.

What Do I Need to Know to Bring Children Across the Canadian Border?
Know what to expect when bringing children across the Canadian border, including what documents to bring.

Can I Bring Liquor Into Canada
Can I Bring Liquor Into Canada

Can I Bring My Pet to Canada?
What visitors need to know about bringing dogs, cats and other pets to Canada.

Passports - How to Get Your First US Passport
You need a passport to enter and return to the US from most countries. Find out the necessary steps to take to get your US passport.

Border Crossing Horror Stories - Share Your Border Crossing Horror Stories
Border Crossing Horror Stories - Share Your Border Crossing Horror Stories

How to Apply for a NEXUS Card
A description of the NEXUS Card application process. The NEXUS Card is available to U.S. and Canadian citizens as a border-crossing document.

How To Get through Airport Security Faster this Christmas
Tips to help you get through airport security faster during the holiday season.

Reasons You May Be Denied Entry at the Canada Border

Things Every American Should Know Before Visiting Canada
Things Americans should know before they visit Canada.

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