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The Bay Christmas Windows - Guide to the Bay Christmas Windows in Toronto

From November through December, enjoy the Christmas window displays at the Bay.


The Hudson's Bay Company (commonly known as "The Bay") does up its street-level windows in holiday splendour each year from November through the new year.

In the tradition of Macy's or Bloomingdales in New York City, Toronto's Hudson's Bay Company windows are glorious and detailed works of art that lend a special holiday touch to downtown Toronto.

The visual effect of the windows is best in the evening.

2008 Hudson's Bay Christmas Window Pictures

Hudson's Bay Company Basics

176 Yonge Street, Toronto
(416) 861-9111

The Hudson's Bay Company stretches a full city block, from Bay Street to Yonge and from Queen Street West to Richmond Street West.

As the Hudson's Bay Company is a chain ("the Bay"), there are numerous other locations in Toronto and across the country. The downtown Toronto flagship store is the one that does the traditional, animated Christmas display windows.

Hudson's Bay Company Christmas Windows - Dates

The window displays are unveiled at the beginning of November. The "Enchanted Fairy" windows along Yonge Street remain until December 29th. The "Toyland" windows along Queen Street come down January 5th, 2009.

Hudson's Bay Christmas Windows 2008

The 2008 Hudson's Bay Christmas Windows were unveiled November 6, 2008, and have an “Enchanted Christmas” theme. Modern, stylish, colourful fairies decorate the displays.

There is also a Toyland window with working train and animated Santa window.

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