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Chinese New Year in Canada 2013


Chinese New Year in Canada 2013
Photograph: Keren Su / Getty Images

Chinese New Year 2012 Date:

This year, Chinese New Year is February 10, 2013. It is celebrated at the same time in Canada as in China.

What is the 2013 Animal Sign?

2012 will ring in the Year of the Snake.

Chinese New Year Celebrations in Canada:

Canada has a significant Chinese population, with major cities like Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto featuring bustling Chinatowns.

Across Canada, every January / February - although the date changes year to year - we celebrate Chinese New Year with parades (see parade photos), performances and food.

Cities in Canada will often have a Chinese community or cultural centre; check these for related events. You may also try tourism websites for events.

Chinese New Year, Vancouver, British Columbia:

Chinese New Year, Calgary, Alberta:

  • The Calgary Chinese Cultural Centre offers a 3-day celebration of Chinese New Year that culminates in a gala evening that includes the Dragon and Lions Dance.

Chinese New Year, Ottawa, Ontario:

  • Check local Chinese community centers for events.

Chinese New Year, Toronto, Ontario:

Chinese New Year, Montreal, Quebec:

Find Your Chinese Zodiac Sign and Learn More about Chinese New Year:

Go China Guide, Sara Naumann, gives a nice overview of Chinese New Year, including how to find out your Chinese Zodiac sign. Learn more about Chinese New Year.

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