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Quebec Winter Carnival


Canada, Quebec, Quebec City, Winter Carnival, Ice Palace
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Quebec Winter Carnival - Overview:

The Quebec Winter Carnival brings Quebec City alive with sub-zero merry-making every year, beginning on the last weekend of January and continuing for the the next two weeks (17 days in total). The world's largest winter carnival, the Quebec Winter Carnival has been a highlight on the Quebec event calendar since 1894 and been giving Quebeckers and thousands of visitors a reason to celebrate during the cold, snowy winters.

When is the Quebec Winter Carnival?:

The Quebec Winter Carnival takes place at the end of January to mid-February every year.

History of the Quebec Winter Carnival:

The Quebec Winter Carnival began when the habitants of New France, now Quebec, had a rowdy tradition of getting together just before Lent to eat, drink and be merry.

Today, the Quebec Winter Carnival is the biggest winter carnival in the world and is celebrated annually at the end of January until mid-February. Think Mardi Gras in winter and you have an idea of how big a deal the Quebec Winter Carnival is. No sense in fighting the cold -- embrace and celebrate it.

Quebec Winter Carnival Location:

The Quebec Winter Carnival takes place at various locations in Old Quebec. Locations are within about a 1 km distance of one another, so for most people, walking distance. Keep in mind, Old Quebec hills are steep and proper footwear is a must. In addition, most every Carnival event is outdoors, so be sure to pack and dress appropriately. You can always take layers off, but if you or your kids are not warm enough, it can ruin the day.


Kiosks and other outlets in the city sell the Bonnehomme effigy tag for $12 that gets you into most of the Winter Carnival events. Have cash on hand if you plan to buy from one of the street kiosks.

Some activities cost extra, but families can still have a full, fun day with just the purchase of the Carnival Bonnehomme effigy.


The zip line, night parades, slide runs, concerts, snow sculptures, sleigh or dogsled rides, Ice Palace and skating are among the many activities offered during this year's Carnival.

Where to Stay:

Plenty of accommodation deals are available during Carnival.

Useful Websites:

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