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Valentine's Day in Canada

Valentine's Day Traditions and Romantic Places in Canada


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Valentine's Day is celebrated in Canada much as it is the U.S.

Women set high expectations for a meaningful gift and men scramble to buy that meaningful gift, namely lingerie, flowers, chocolates or something else not particularly meaningful.

OK, maybe I'm too cynical to buy into the whole Valentine's Day thing, but I can certainly give you some insight into Valentine's Day in Canada, how it's celebrated and where people go to find romance.

When is Valentine's Day?

Valentine's Day is every February 14th.

How is it Observed?

Valentine's Day is a business day as usual. Nothing shuts down or runs on a holiday schedule.

Couples will exchange Valentine's Day gifts. The most popular gifts to give are chocolates, flowers, lingerie, dinner out or otherwise romantic outing. February 14th is also a popular day for men to propose marriage.

Children at schools may exchange Valentine's Day cards, have a Valentine's Day dance or class party with heart-shaped cookies or cupcakes.

Reservations at restaurants, especially romantic ones, should be made well in advance for Valentine's Day.

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