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Toronto Travel Guide

Toronto is Canada's biggest city and the most popular to visit.


Toronto is comparable to Chicago or New York in that all are big, lively, multicultural cities that offer a lot to visitors. Toronto is Canada's largest city and financial center. Although not the national capital, Toronto is the Ontario provincial capital and probably the best-known city in Canada, in large part due to the Toronto International Film Festival and its popularity as a theatre destination.

Toronto is a city with a rich heritage that is still apparent in its architecture but has also grown to include diverse, ethnic neighborhoods that thrive in the heart of the city.


Aerial view of downtown, Toronto, Canada
Stuart Dee/Photographer's Choice RF/Getty Images
Toronto is in the south-central part of the province of Ontario, sitting at the tip of Lake Ontario, the most eastern of the Great Lakes. Toronto's latitude is in fact just north of that of northern California.
  • Toronto is about a two and half hour drive north of Buffalo.
  • Toronto is about a eight to nine hour drive northeast of Chicago.
  • Toronto is about a six hour drive west of Montreal.

Toronto Attractions

From museums to waterfront activities and of course the CN Tower, Toronto has a wide range of activities and attractions for visitors: Include some free things to do in Toronto and keep the budget in check.

Where to Stay in Toronto

Looking for luxury in Toronto? See the Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Toronto. On the other end of the spectrum are Toronto's Top Cheap Hotels.
Other good hotel options include:

Where to Eat in Toronto

Toronto has every type of cuisine for every price range, from high-end to outdoor tofu-dog stands.
Read our list of the Best Places to Eat in Toronto

Toronto has one of the biggest Chinatowns in North America as well as numerous other Asian populations - which means, among other things - great Chinese, Japanese, Thai, Korean and other Asian restaurants

Toronto also offers visitors lots of opportunity to eat on a budget. Don't sacrifice taste with these Toronto cheap eats.

Shopping in Toronto

Toronto has great shopping, from Queen Street vintage cool to Yorkville chic. Depending on exchange rates, you may find Toronto shopping a bargain, but don't forget about the 15% sales tax.

Toronto Events & Festivals

Toronto Weather & Climate

Toronto has four distinct seasons, with the height of summer being muggy and hot and winter months cold and snowy. Springtime is warm and lovely and fall is my personal favorite with comfortable temperatures and spectacular fall foliage.

Getting to Toronto

By Air: By Train:
  • VIA Rail and AMTRAK (station TWO) go to Toronto's Union Station in downtown Toronto
By Bus:

Driving Directions

Several highways, including 2, 401, 407 and the Queen Elizabeth Way, link surrounding cities to Toronto.

The nearest Canada-U.S. border crossings are at Niagara Falls, Fort Erie and Windsor.

Maps & Pictures of Toronto

How to Save Money in Toronto

Visiting Toronto doesn't have to be expensive. In fact, even if you have oodles of money to spend when you visit Toronto, some of the most enjoyable things to do are free or almost free.

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