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What is Open on Family Day in Toronto 2014

What is Open and What is Closed on Family Day in Toronto


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Family Day Ideas | Stat Holidays 2014/15 | March Break

Family Day is the third Monday of February and observed as a public (or statutory) holiday in the three Canadian provinces of Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Ontario.

This year, Family Day falls on Monday, February 17, 2014.

Here is a list of some of the places that are open on Family Day in Toronto.

Open on Family Day

Closed on Family Day

  • Banks
  • Schools
  • Public libraries
  • Shopping malls not designated as tourist attractions
  • LCBO (liquor stores) and Beer Stores
  • Post offices located in closed retail outlets.
  • Most grocery stores and pharmacies, including Shoppers Drug Mart (call to be sure)
  • Toronto Stock Exchange

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