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Toronto’s reputation as a tourist destination has skyrocketed over the past decade. Conveniently located less than two hours from the U.S. border and Niagara Falls and within two to three hours of magnificent cottage country, Toronto has much to offer its visitors.
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Montreal Weather
Montreal weather is comparable to that of cities like Toronto and NYC in that it has four distinct seasons with changing weather conditions.

Where is Toronto
Where is Toronto - Toronto Location Map

Toronto Travel Guide - Visitors Guide to Toronto Travel
Get a visitors overview of this popular Canadian city.

Save Money in Toronto - How to Save Money when You Visit Toronto
Save money on a visit to Toronto using the following tips.

Toronto Day Trips - Places to Visit Near Toronto
Ten day trips from Toronto. Places to visit less than 2 hrs away from Toronto. Interesting places near Toronto.

Go Toronto Card - Save Money with the Go Toronto Card
If you're planning on visiting a number of Toronto and Niagara Falls attractions, consider purchasing the Go Toronto Card.

Summer in Toronto - Things to Do in Toronto in the Summer
Ideas on how to spend your time in Toronto in the summer.

Toronto CityPass - Save Money with Toronto CityPass
Toronto CityPass gives access to six major Toronto attractions at a price much less than if you buy each admission separately.

Toronto Theatres - Find Musicals, Plays and Other Performances in TO
Toronto is a cheaper alternative to Chicago and New York City, yet offers many of the same productions and top-notch accomodation, shopping and dining.

Toronto Picture Gallery
Toronto Picture Gallery

Favourite Things to Do in Toronto - What Are Your Favourite Things to Do in...
Favourite Things to Do in Toronto - What Are Your Favourite Things to Do in Toronto

Shopping inToronto - Where to Shop in Toronto
Toronto is a great shopping city, with high-end, designer shops, Canadian department stores, discount and outlet stores, special shopping events and ethnic neighbourhoods that offer global wares.

Most Popular Toronto Neighborhoods
Toronto is a city of neighborhoods. Learn about the most popular Toronto neighbourhoods for visitors.

The Beaches, Toronto
The Beaches (or "the Beach" as it has been officially named) is a fashionable, yuppie east-end Toronto neighbourhood.

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