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See the best of Canada's attractions, restaurants, hotels, adventures and more. The Best of Canada is sure to inspire a Canada vacation idea.
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  3. Best Ways to Save Money
  4. Best of the Great Outdoors
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Canada Top 10s

The reasons Canada is such a great travel destination are wide-ranging. These Canada Top 10s give you a sense of the best that Canada has to offer.

Best Canada Destinations

The most popular cities in Canada cover a range of destination types reflecting the diversity of the country.

Best Ways to Save Money

A little research before your visit to Canada goes a long way toward saving money on your trip.

Best of the Great Outdoors

Canada is a big country with a wide-ranging geography, making it ideal for many outdoor adventures.

Best of Toronto

Toronto is Canada's largest city and financial center and the country's most popular tourist destinations. Although not the national capital, Toronto is the Ontario provincial capital and probably the best-known city in Canada. Here's some reasons why.

Best of Vancouver

Vancouver – where the ocean meets the mountains. The best of Vancouver includes many natural attractions but also has plenty of great restaurants, hotels and tourist spots.

Best of Montreal

French and English are the main influences, but this outstanding Canadian city is truly international. The best of Montreal can be experienced simply by meandering its streets, but fill out your visit with fine food, museums and more.

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