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From salmon fishing to wine tasting, from remote northern lodges to luxury urban hotels, find out about planning a trip to Canada.
  1. Canada 101 - Canada Basics
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  3. When to Go to Canada
  4. Crossing the Canada Border
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Canada 101 - Canada Basics

Map of Canada

Get started on Canada trip planning by learning the basics about this big, beautiful country.

Where to Go - Canada Travel Guides

Canada has a destination to suit any visitor - vast landscapes, bustling cities, quiet waterside villages and the unique French heritage of Quebec.

When to Go to Canada

Canada is a big country. Places across the country change in culture, weather conditions and what they have to offer visitors throughout the year and travel prices vary accordingly. The following should help you decide when you want to plan your visit to Canada.

Crossing the Canada Border

The best advice for visitors crossing the border into Canada is to be prepared. Know what questions may be asked, what items are and aren't allowed and what documents you need to cross the border into Canada.

Canada Events & Festivals

Canada's events and festivals cover a wide-range of themes, reflecting the diversity of the Canadian people. From celebrations of nature to mingling with Hollywood's elite, Canada has some of the world's best events and festivals.

Canada with Kids

There are a lot of kid-friendly trips to take in Canada. Most of Canada is progressive when it comes to accessibility for strollers and change stations and most places will have child-friendly hotels and restaurants. Children from denser populated places will be thrilled by the wide-open spaces of Western Canada, Northern Ontario, Quebec, and the Maritimes.

Getting To Canada

From the U.S., travel options to Canada include train, plane, boat or car. Other international travelers will probably only have the option to fly into a Canadian airport or they may choose to fly to a U.S. destination and drive up over the border. Arriving in the U.S. first may be cheaper and change your passport entry requirements.

Holidays in Canada

Public holidays mean special events plus closures, crowds and other travel headaches. Be prepared for the opportunities and challenges of holidays in Canada by knowing when they are and what to expect.

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