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Canada in Summer

Visiting Canada in Summer


Summer Vacation Ideas | Canada's Best Summer Festivals | Canada in Summer

Canada in summer is a popular time to explore the country's wide range of both urban and more remote, adventurous destinations. Though Canada in winter has its charm, summer is peak travel destination as it attracts a bigger variety of travellers visit in June, July and August. And while more crowds and higher prices may be the downside, warm weather and lots to do balance things out.

When is Summer in Canada?

Log Cabin at Lake O'Hara, Canada
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Summer's official start is June 21st and ends Sept 21st. These dates generally coincide with the beginning and end of warm weather, yet temperatures fluctuate greatly year to year and depend on where in Canada you are.

What is the Weather like in Canada in Summer?

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Summer in Canada is generally June to August with hot, humid weather often arriving earlier and staying later than this in central and eastern Canada cities like Toronto and Montreal. West coast summers are more moderate, with less humidity and cooler evenings. Canada's northern regions, logically, have cooler summers, but ones that are generally comfortable and sunny.

How to Pack for Canada in the Summer

If you travel to Canada in summer, always bring items that can be layered because temperatures and weather are unpredictable. Some useful items include a jacket, long pants (for cooler temperatures, sun and bugs), shorts, long and short sleeve shirts, sunscreen, bug spray, hat, sunglasses.

What are Canada's Most Popular Summer Activities?

Canadians and visitors alike head to more remote regions in Canada during the summer months to relax at lakeside cottages, resorts.

Hiking, mountain biking, canoeing, watersports and camping are all popular right across Canada. More urban destinations, like Toronto, Montreaal and Vancouver get the party going with festivals and other summer events.

Summer Vacation Ideas

Summer travel can mean a shopping trip to Toronto, a scenic train ride through the Rockies or whale watching in eastern Quebec. Start researching summer travel ideas to inspire your Canada summer travel plans because there really are so many options.

Canada's Most Popular Summer Festivals

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Canada summer festivals range from big, colourful city celebrations to small cultural events.

The most popular summer festivals in Canada include the Calgary Stampede, Caribana (pictured left) and the Just For Laughs Montreal Comedy Festival, but plenty of smaller, quainter festivals round out the calendar of events.

Canada Summer, Month by Month

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