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Labor Day 2013 (Labour Day)

Labour Day Weekend in Canada is Last Hoorah of Summer


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In Canada, the first Monday of September is a public, or statutory, holiday called Labor Day (actually the Canadian spelling is Labour Day).

In 2013, Labour Day falls on Monday, September 2. All of Canada's 10 provinces and three territories observe this holiday.

The Labour Day weekend is the last big travel weekend of the summer, as school starts up again in the majority of places on the day after Labour Day.

The Labour Day holiday in Canada, as in the U.S., celebrates worker solidarity. Most workers, public or private, are entitled to take statutory holidays off with regular pay. Some businesses remain open on holidays, such as medical clinics and some stores, restaurants, and tourist attractions.

What Happens on the Labour Day Weekend?

What Does Labour Day Mean for Visitors?

  • Banks, schools, government offices are closed.
  • Public transportation runs on holiday schedule.
  • Call ahead to restaurants, stores and tourist attractions to ensure hours of operation.

Labour Day Activity Ideas

Labour Day Holiday Dates

2013:September 2, 2013
2014:September 1, 2014
2015:September 7, 2015

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