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Canada in May Weather and Event Guide


Canada, Quebec City, Chateau Frontenac
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Warmer Weather and Fewer Crowds Make Early Spring a Great Time to Visit Canada

There's still some chill in the air, but with the snow gone and spring flowers in bloom, May is, for many, an ideal time to visit Canada.

The complete gamut of summer activities is not in full swing, but golfing has begun in the western provinces and spring ski deals are still available.

If you want to visit a Canadian city, May offers pleasant temperatures for walking (just have some indoor activities planned in case of a rainy day).


Canada in May in Major Canadian Cities:

Know where in Canada you're going? Check out more detailed Canadian city weather and event guides:

Average May Temperature (Low / High):

  • Vancouver, BC: 46 / 61ºFahrenheit (8 / 16ºCelsius)
  • Edmonton, AB: 37 / 63ºF, (3 / 17ºC)
  • Yellowknife, NWT: 32 / 50ºF, (0 / 10ºC)
  • Inukjuak, NU: 25 / 34ºF, (-4 / 1ºC)
  • Winnipeg, MB: 41 / 66ºF, (5 / 19ºC)
  • Ottawa, ON: 45 / 66ºF, (7 / 19ºC)
  • Toronto, ON: 43 / 64ºF, (6 / 18ºC)
  • Montréal:, QC: 45 / 66ºF, (7 / 19ºC)
  • Halifax, NS: 39 / 59ºF, (4 / 15ºC)
  • St. John's, NF: 34 / 50ºF, (1 / 10ºC)

May Perks:

  • Warmer weather means visitors can enjoy more of Canada's great outdoor offerings.
  • Springtime means the full throng of summer visitors has not yet arrived.
  • Spring ski season runs to the end of May out West and great ski package deals abound.

May Cons:

Good to Know:

  • Victoria Day is a national holiday in Canada that falls on the Monday before May 25th. Government services, schools and banks will be closed. Victoria Day weekend is a big travel holiday in Canada (commonly referred to as "May Two-Four Weekend"). Expect crowded highways on the Friday and Monday of this weekend and long lineups at border crossings.

May Highlights / Events:


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