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Canada in July Weather and Event Guide


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July in Canada

July is a great time to visit Canada, especially for lovers of the outdoors, which Canada of course has in abundance. Canada offers some of the best hiking, boating, camping and fishing destinations.

The complete gamut of summer festivals, including Canada's biggest birthday party - Canada Day - is in full swing and the days are warm and long.

July in Major Canadian Cities:

Know where in Canada you're going? Check out more detailed Canadian city weather and event guides:

Average July Temperature (Low / High):

  • Vancouver, BC: 55 / 72ºFahrenheit (13 / 22ºCelsius)
  • Edmonton, AB: 48 / 73ºF, (9 / 23ºC)
  • Yellowknife, NWT: 54 / 70ºF, (12 / 21ºC)
  • Inukjuak, NU: 41 / 55ºF, (5 / 13ºC)
  • Winnipeg, MB: 55 / 79ºF, (13 / 26ºC)
  • Ottawa, ON: 59 / 79ºF, (15 / 26ºC)
  • Toronto, ON: 57 / 81ºF, (14 / 27ºC)
  • Montréal:, QC: 59 / 79ºF, (15 / 26ºC)
  • Halifax, NS: 55 / 73ºF, (13 / 23ºC)
  • St. John's, NF: 51 / 68ºF, (11 / 20ºC)

July Perks:

  • Warm summer weather means visitors can enjoy more of Canada's great outdoor offerings, such as camping and fishing.
  • Some of the most popular Canadian festivals and events are under way. July 1st is Canada Day, a celebration akin to July 4th in the U.S.
  • Take advantage of the warmer weather and longer days in Canada's northern territories: the Yukon, the Northwest Territories, and Nunavut.

July Cons:

  • Summertime is popular for tourists; expect higher travel prices and more travellers.
  • Canada isn't always cold! July can see temperatures is the 30s Celsius (86+ Fahrenheit) and some destinations, including Toronto are extremely humid.

Good to Know:

July Highlights / Events - BC:

July Highlights / Events - Alberta, Saskatchewan, & Manitoba:

July Highlights / Events - Ontario & Quebec:

July Highlights / Events - The Maritimes & Newfoundland and Labrador:


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