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Common Temperatures in Celsius and Fahrenheit

Temperature Table for Visitors to Canada


Scale and bulb of thermometer, close-up
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Temperature in Canada is measured in degrees Celsius (°C). To convert a Celsius temperature to Fahrenheit:

°C x 1.8 + 32 = °F

For example: 20°C = 20 x 1.8 + 32 = 68°F

Visitors should note that "Wind chill" is a major factor that affects temperature in cold climates like Canada. In winter, temperatures are often presented with the wind chill factor. Thus, a weather report on a chilly January morning may report the temperature as -4°F or -20°C, but -22°F or -30°C with the wind chill factor.

Scroll down for temperatures in Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Other metric conversion tables:

Common Temperatures in Celsius and Fahrenheit

Measurement Celsius Fahrenheit
Boiling point 100°C 212°F
Sweaty, hot weather 30+°C 85+°F
T-shirt & shorts weather 24°C 75°F
Average Room Temperature 21°C 70°F
Long-sleeve shirt & pants weather 15°C 60°F
Fleece jacket weather 10°C 50°F
Freezing 0°C 32°F
So cold you may want to reconsider going outside, especially with children -29°C -20°F

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