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Save Money when You Visit Canada - How to Save Money when You Visit Canada

Save Money when You Visit Canada - How to Save Money when You Visit Canada


If you want to save money on your visit to Canada, you don't have to sacrifice the quality of your trip. With a little planning, you can save money in Canada and not even feel like you're on a budget.

Know Where You're Going? Check Out City-Specific Savings:

Save Money in Toronto

Save Money in Montreal

Free & Cheap Things to Do in Vancouver

• Start by Searching for a Canada Travel Deal

Plenty of online resources will point you towards Canada transportation and hotel deals.

• Consider Flying into an Alternative Airport

Many of Canada's most popular cities are within a reasonable drive from the U.S. border. For example, Seattle is a two-hour drive away from Vancouver and the Buffalo International Airport is slightly closer than that to Toronto. Compare fares for flights into these U.S. airports; not only may airfares be cheaper, but you may also find savings in parking, car rentals,hotels and other amenities that are outside of the big city.

Also consider flying in to smaller towns outside of big cities. For example, travel bargains may exist flying into Hamilton Airport - 45 min from Toronto - that aren't available to Toronto's Pearson International Airport.

• Travel Off Season

Canada's travel seasons are comparable to those in the U.S. - summer is high season as is Christmastime and school break (which varies by province).

U.S. Thanksgiving in November presents a good chance for travel savings in Canada, as Canada's Thanksgiving is in October and November in Canada is a traditionally slow travel time. Other good times for savings include ski package deals In January and spring skiing in April.

• Make Big Cities Your Day Trip and Stay in Smaller Towns

One of the benefits of cities in Canada is that they are all within easy reach of charming small towns, water, and countryside. Consider staying in a more affordable neighbouring town outside of a big city, like Vancouver or Toronto instead of paying top dollar for hotels, restaurants, parking, etc.

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