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Metric Volumes Table - Volumes in Milliliters & Liters and Ounces & Gallons

Common Volumes in Milliliters & Liters and Ounces & Gallons


Metric volume in Canada is measured mainly in milliliters and liters. (Scroll down for table of common volumes and their metric conversions .)

Other metric conversion tables:

Common Volumes in Canada

Volume Measurement Milliliters or Liters Ounces or Gallons
Carry-on luggage liquid allowance per container on airplanes 90 ml 3 oz
Can of soda or a mickey of alcohol 355 ml 12 oz
Bottle of wine or regular-size bottle of alcohol often referred to in Canada as a "twenty-sixer" 750 ml 25 oz
Large-size bottle of alcohol. Referred to in Canada as a "forty ouncer" 1.14 liter 39 oz
Largest bottle of booze - a "handle," or, in Canada, a "sixty ouncer" 1.75 liter 59 oz
Gas in Canada is sold in liters and is generally much more expensive than in the US. 1 liter 0.26 US gallon
Visitors from the UK should note that an Imperial gallon is slightly larger than a US gallon 1 liter 0.22 Imperial gallon

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