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Canada's Wine Regions Guide


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Canada Wine Regions - An Overview
Canada's Wine Regions Guide

British Columbia is a major producer of wines and has five designated Viticultural Areas.

Photo of BC Grapes © Noel Hendrickson / Getty Images

BC at a Glance | Ontario Basics

Canada wine regions are notable not only for their wineries but also for beautiful settings, excellent resorts and B&Bs and other local attractions that draw millions of tourists every year.

There are wine producing regions right across Canada, but by far the biggest producers are British Columbia (BC) and Ontario. As of 2011, Canada had eight designated Viticultural Areas, or wine-growing regions, five in BC and three in Ontario. Some grapes are grown in Quebec and Nova Scotia - not on a significant commercial level, but the vineyards in these provinces may make for a pleasant visit.

The more popular wineries tend to be open year-round but are particularly popular in summer months. BC and Ontario wine regions especially have large, well established scenic wine tasting regions that can easily be the focus of a vacation of several days.

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