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Do Americans Need a Passport to Visit Canada? - Canada Travel
In Depth: Passport requirements have been a complicated and ever changing issue for U.S. travellers to Canada for the past few years due to the Western ...
Passport Requirements for Driving to Canada - Canada Travel
An overview of the passport requirements for U.S. citizens who are traveling to Canada through land and sea border crossings.
Passport Requirements Flying Into Canada
In Depth: Although the Canada Border Services does not technically require U.S. citizens have an American passport to enter Canada by air, the Western ...
Do Canadians Need a Passport to Enter Mexico? - Mexico Travel
The U.S. Western Hemisphere Travel Initiative is phasing in passport requirements for travel between the U.S., Canada and Mexico. How does this affect ...
Do Children Need a Passport to Visit Canada - Canada Travel
Mother and kids checking in at airport - Symphonie/The Image Bank/Getty Images. Symphonie/The Image Bank/Getty Images. Canada Passport Requirements ...
Crossing the Canada / U.S. Border With Children - Canada Travel
Question: What Do I Need to Know about Crossing the Canada / U.S. Border with ... Canada Passport Requirements | Land & Sea Passport Requirements ...
Passport Requirements and Other Documents for Visiting Canada
--July 1 2008. Since time of writing, certain changes have occured: please see Crossing the Canada/US Border With Children - at About.com's Canada Travel ...
Passport Requirements for US citizens - Family Vacations - About.com
The Big Change in Passport Requirements Before January 2007, US citizens were able to take trips to Canada, Mexico, and many countries in the Caribbean ...
Tips for Crossing the Border into Canada - Canada Travel - About.com
All visitors arriving to Canada need a passport or passport equivalent, with the exception of children. These stricter requirements were implemented under the ...
Documents Required for Canadian Passport ... - Canada News
If born inside Canada - either a birth certificate or Certificate of Canadian Citizenship. (See changes to birth certificate requirements effective February 01, 2011.).
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