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Spring Skiing and Lots More

This year has seen lingering freezing temperatures and plenty of snow. Frustrating for most, but 2014 will have an extended spring ski season, so why not make your warm weather plans while you're riding the chairlift.

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What's Open Easter Weekend?

Sunday April 20, 2014
Are you organized enough to have all your Easter shopping finished before today? If you are, you're smart because you'll avoid the busy liquor, grocery and gift stores that re-open the day after Good Friday. Tourist attractions such as the CN Tower and the Vancouver Aquarium and businesses within designated tourist areas do stay open Good Friday, but schools, libraries, government offices and most businesses shut down.

Saturday is business as usual.

Easter Sunday is the one other day, other than Christmas Day, when most everything, including tourist attractions, close down. Some convenience stores and pharmacies stay open, but it's random.

Things return to almost normal on Easter Monday when most businesses and banks re-open. Schools, libraries and government offices stay closed - some liquor stores may be open, but check ahead. Public transit runs on a regular schedule.

Best to call ahead to confirm holiday hours.

Be Cautious of Ontario's Soggy Spring Conditions

Tuesday April 15, 2014
In the last year, I have started going down stairs like an old lady: clutching the rail, sideways, one stair at a time. Nothing has particularly changed about my ability to negotiate a flight of stairs, but I have had a mental shift in my willingness to take risks of any sort.

So on this morning's walk through our hilly, mucky back woods, I was particularly cautious of the wet slopes and camouflaged obstacles ready to take this middle-aged body down.

Despite utter mindfulness to the hazardous conditions, down I went.

I am relatively unscathed, but others have not been so lucky. Police in several municipalities in Ontario can tell you stories of people acting non-nonchalantly around steep banks and waterfalls and suffering falls. One woman lost her footing at Tews Falls, which is 41 meters high, in Hamilton. Firefighters took 45 minutes to get to her. Amazingly, she endured only a broken ankle.

After heavy snowfall this winter and significant rain in the last week, Ontario trails can be treacherous. So, take care. If you walk like an old lady now, you have a better chance of becoming one.

Do You Like To Go Where Tourists Don't?

Monday March 31, 2014
The touristy spots of Quebec City are really what everyone comes to see. Old Town Quebec is touristy for a good reason - it's gorgeous and unlike anything else in North America. However, Old Quebec can overshadow some other interesting neighbourhoods that are worth visiting.

The Saint Roch area - about a 15/20 minute walk from Old Quebec - is trendy and still growing with many excellent restaurants and shops appealing especially to Gen X and Gen Y crowds. Think along the lines of Gastown in Vancouver or Queen Street West in Toronto.

In addition, more affordable hotels are located in Saint Roch, including TRYP Quebec Hotel PUR, which was refurbished in 2011 and today evokes clean, minimalist chic at rates more affordable comparable hotels in Old Town.

Photo is of view of Saint Roch Church from TRYP Quebec Hotel Pur guestroom.

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10 Things to Know about Toronto Pearson International Airport

Monday March 31, 2014
Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) is Canada's biggest and busiest airport. Though it may have status by the number of passengers it hosts, in terms of amenities, this airport hub tends to fall short. However the airport has been upgrading constantly throughout the 2000's and 2015 will usher in a shiny renovation complete with improved dining options and expedited passenger and baggage processing.

In the meantime, here are some of the things to watch out for and ways to make your time at Pearson as painless as possible: 10 Things You Should Know About Flying In & Out of Toronto Pearson International Airport.

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